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Relationships....Where would be without them?

Relationships…Where would be without them?

When you think of the word relationship, what comes up for you? Family, friends, partners, colleagues or the ‘woulda’, ‘shoulda’, ‘coulda’ relationships.

Do past relationships swim into your mind when you think of this word? Do you laugh? Do you cry? Or do you get angry? How does that word really feel to you? Does the word make you feel squeamish, nervous, all lovey dovey or completely serene?

Yes, it’s true we can have great relationships with our family members, kids, parents and siblings. We can have great relationships with what we can call our ‘tribe’ aka our true circle of friends. We can have outstanding relationships with our partners, married, not married, intimate loved ones. Then there are the relationships at work. Do we look forward to going to work because of the relationships we have there?

What about the relationships we have with food, money or grief? You may be thinking, ‘what are you talking about’? But really, what kind of relationship do you have with food? Is food what we take for granted in our lives? Is food our motivation to good health? What do we expect from food?

What about money? How do we treat money? Yes, that is definitely an odd question, however, we really do have a relationship with money. How do we treat it? I heard a friend of mine say one time that she treated money like a prostitute. She had certain expectations from money that were to feed her, pay her bills upon demand. Think about that for a moment.

And what about our relationship with grief or loss? Do we hate the relationship of loss? Is it a give and take kind of relationship? Does grief just take and take and take from us? Or does the relationship provide for us? I mean what could grief possibly give us right?

Lastly, what does the relationship we have with ourselves offer? What kind of relationship do we have with ourselves? Do we have trust, do we actually embrace every square inch of ourselves?

Relationships of all kinds, as expressed above, really have taught us and can teach us about ourselves. They teach us what we love or what we really don’t love. Relationships teach us how we communicate, or how we really don’t. Most relationships with people or with what we use really can speak to the story of us and what we do in our lives.

I wonder if you looked around the room you are in right now, how many relationships you would see surround you. I, also, wonder how you feel about those memories, ‘stories’ or ‘pictures’ and how they play a part in how you live your life because of what you learned in your relationships. I wonder if you see a pattern in those relationships and with you.

Truest Reflections will be talking about Relationships this month and how we attach beliefs, stories and create pictures in our lives. Join us each Thursday in June on Facebook at 715pm.

Let the beauty of what you love be seen in you!



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