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My name is Barbara Hunter and I am a Registered Professional Counselor, Mom (yes I capitalized it) of 2 and a woman living out her purpose of helping others.


“Get connected to your reality, your real life instead of your emotionally soaked self-talk narrative about your life”.  Gary John Bishop

This phrase really hit home for me.  I was surrounded, I was allowing and being defined by old stories and beliefs.  These walls really stood in the way of me living my best life, or any life at all.  I attended many personal development retreats to find out what was ‘wrong’ with me.  I learned something each time until one day and five years later that I was the one standing in my way.  The message that I kept hearing was ‘You’re not good enough’ to do this, have this or that or be this or be that. Does that sound at all familiar? 

Once I heard that message, I started to wonder where it came from.  I then attended a women’s circle called ‘Reflections’ where I really started to feel like who I wanted to be.  Reflecting on my life, not fixing, just purely acknowledging where I was, what I have done and many times why I did the things I did.  Many of these things became my “go to” when I had a bad day, when I was confused or when I felt I had no say in my life.  My reality was I had control of me, I had the power to say no to old beliefs and to challenge those thoughts that played the same melodies in my mind repeatedly.


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From this place, Truest Reflections was born.  Life threw me so many curve balls, I could hardly breathe day in and day out.  I did not know where to turn, who to talk to or trust or even if I could get through the situation laid at my feet.  From here I turned to educating myself on behaviors, on belief systems and thought processes.  I went back to school as a mature student.  There was a need for me to know more and a fire in my belly to help others who experienced what I was experiencing. 

Truest Reflections Counseling Services is a holistic, outside of the box services.  I take a very holistic approach creating a safe space where you can be heard and not judged.  The clinical piece to counseling is left at the door. 


We will work together on a ‘wholeness’ healing.  Many of my clients have expressed being heard, feeling relieved that they are not going crazy and that what they experience is normal. 

Do you need assistance with grief and loss, anxiety, relating to others or dealing with everyday stress?

Many people want to feel better without taking medication. The good news is that it can be possible for some people!

  • I am very real.  

  • Many of my clients have expressed that I am very easy to talk to, warm, authentic, and professional – without being clinical.

  • I have helped many clients find greater joy, freedom, and balance in their lives.

At Truest Reflections, I aim to look at your reflection with you, assist you with what you are feeling and have a conversation about what it is you see.  There are so many ways we ‘see’ things.  There are so many ways we ponder, wonder, and reflect.  What if one of those ways worked better than what was working for you now?

Often, it is a matter of changing our lens on what we ‘see’. 

It would be my absolute privilege to walk alongside you, right where you are at, to help you find the answers you’ve been looking for.  I offer a 30-minute in person consultation for all new clients.

I look forward to speaking with you!

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