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What is Holistic Counseling?

Holistic counseling is an integrative type of therapy that is often incorporated into traditional and non-traditional treatments to help the patient as a whole. With holistic counseling, we don’t focus on the narrow issue, instead, it considers every aspect like spiritual, physical, and mental factors that can influence the individual’s well-being and seeks to help them heal and thrive on a much deeper level.
Holistic counseling combines aspects of talk therapy, as well as many other non-traditional types of approaches including meditation, reiki, and so much more.
Holistic counseling can be helpful for several different conditions and issues, including:
o          Addictions
o          Anxiety
o          Depression
o          Emotional difficulties
o          Family issues
o          Stress
o          Trauma
o          Work-related issues
With holistic counseling working to heal the entire individual, it can be helpful for the issues that do not have a single, definable cause, or that are not affecting many aspects of the individual’s life.
There are so many benefits to holistic counseling, the most important is that holistic counseling can help you deal with any stress and tension while promoting overall well-being.
Another main benefit that holistic counseling provides is the whole-body approach. This will address the individual's spiritual, physical, and mental health while allowing them to see the connections from the different aspects of their lives, and understand how these affect their wellness and health

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Belief Systems | Mental Health | Holistic Approach

How do Belief Systems Work?

Belief systems are a set of convictions that support everything, the whole system is governed by individual beliefs.  Belief systems are seen to have no real basis in reality, as long as it consistently provides adequate explanations for each individual.

How do Beliefs Affect Mental Health?

Early within the 19th century, beliefs and psychiatry were connected closely, as religious institutions were responsible for the care of anyone who was deemed mentally ill. A major change occurred with this when Charcot and Freud associated beliefs with neurosis and hysteria. This divided mental health care and beliefs until recently.


While how one’s beliefs are still being researched in combination with their mental health, it has shown that beliefs can help promote positive worldview, promote meaning and directedness, but can also provide negatives that will need to be understood.

What is a Holistic Approach to Mental Health?

Holistic approach to mental health will put you, instead of your diagnosis or your symptoms at the center of the treatment plan. We address your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, with a holistic approach to how mental health looks as the entire individual.


Holistic mental health treatment can help the brain to function at higher and more optimal levels so you are able to address and improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual issues.


Holistic activities during holistic counselling services help to improve the overall well-being instead of just helping your physical symptoms

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Reiki Treatment

Holistic Therapy 

Research has shown that holistic activities will lead to improvements in your mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, and social health. Holistic health will treat and address your entire being, including everything on the inside and on the outside.
I truly believe, in order to assist in the healing of old traumas, old stories and beliefs we have to see the wounded areas, each of them as individual and as connected.  Our bodies, our emotional and mental bodies are affected just as much and often equally. It is important to acknowledge and address each area.

My therapy does just that.  We acknowledge the fast heart beat, the brain fog, the questionable self esteem as being connected. Talk therapy coupled with breath work, mindfulness and energy session work well together.

If you are interested in how our counselling services with a holistic approach can help, contact Truest Reflections today!

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