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Our Love Connection

Originally published February 3, 2020

We are entering the dimension where we have control – the inside….No teacher is necessary. You are the teacher you’ve been waiting for. You are the one who can end your own suffering” – Byron Katie, Loving What Is.

Let’s talk a little about the ‘love connection’. When I mention this phrase, I wonder what might come up for you? Does it mean an old game show on television? Does it mean the love connection you may have with someone else; a partner, family or a friend?

The Love Connection I want to talk about is with ourselves. Do you have a love connection with yourself? We could have a love/hate relationship with ourselves. But I wonder if we chastise ourselves, I wonder if we applaud ourselves. I wonder if we accept ourselves for all of our quirks. Do we label ourselves with our beliefs?

I’m lazy, I’m ugly, I’m stupid….or….I’m beautiful, I’m wise, I’m special. What kind of connotations do these remarks have about how we talk to ourselves. Can love come from these comments?

I love what Byron Katie says; ‘You are the teacher you’ve been waiting for’. Truly I feel I’ve learned so much about myself in a year that has had so much transition. Moving. on a wing and a prayer to a place I’ve never been and to literally start my life over in a way that I was excited and scared of. I feel like my butterfly self is half outside it’s cocoon and only has one wing many times. Change and how I handled the change has been equally transitional. My belief system of being able to do something or not do something has ‘taught’ me to change the way I think. The way I think can often promote what I feel and how I behave. This comes down to my true and authentic ‘love connection’.

I must give myself grace, I must give myself permission to be human, I must listen to my gut, I must speak my truth in kindness, I must respect the silence (there doesn’t always need to be an answer or remark) and above all, I must accept I will make mistakes but I will be doing the best that I can at that moment. And that moment may just teach me one more thing about myself. “I am the one who can end my suffering”.

Until next time,

Let the beauty of what you love….be you! Your Truest Reflection Awaits.




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