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Many things require us to change “Our Lens”.

Originally published March 17, 2020

Recently I decided to make a change and move to another community. There is a lot to consider when we make a change such as this. I had to think about where I would be living, where would I be working, where could I set up my new practice? Stress, anxiety and worry come with these decisions and choices.

It’s funny, when I finally made the decision to move, meaning I am choosing to pick up and try my hand in another area, everything seemed to be in alignment. Then life threw me a solid hardball, where I suddenly had to move my path to finding a new home. When I finally accepted this, opportunity appeared and I took it. Best thing I did. When we don’t ‘fight the river’, things will flow the way we need them to.

I really believe that when we trust our gut, listen to our intuition and act upon those things, signs or visions, it is for our highest good. However, when we are in our ‘shit’ or that place where we can’t think, instead we react, we behave from a place we wouldn’t accept from someone else.

Are we aware of what we see in ourselves when we are in a crisis? Are we aware of what we say to ourselves in those moments of frustration or anger or what we perceive as defeat? Is it hard to see ourselves?

What if we could see ourselves, what if we could see that reflection of what happens to us when we feel sadness, frustration, anger or defeat? What would that look like? Would we like what we see?

What if we could see our reflection when we are laughing, full of joy or even content? What would that look like? Would we like what we see?

What if I told you, once we do change the lens of how we look at ourselves, that the reflection we see would change the way others look at us as well. Would you believe me?

Now I don’t always change that lens in the moment either, I am human after all. However, I have come a long ways by really feeling that frustration, anger or defeat in my body I have created a space of awareness when I can make the change. I will not zone out, withdraw or shut down, now I try to listen, be present and hear what is being said, either by others of by myself. This is where my change happens. I have learned where I find myself not being present and when I sit and process I can truly see and feel where the change needs to happen.

What would it take for you to actually see the reflection and make the change? What would you want to change, are you ready to see and make the change needed?

Much love! Let your Truest Reflection shine through.




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