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Living Life on MY best Terms

Originally published February 16, 2020

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I started on this journey with all these blocks, learning lessons and choices to make about what was important for me to move forward in my life. First I had to start asking questions about what is important, what makes me happiest, what would it look like to have all that I wanted? What do I want? How much effort do I need to put into what I want? Where would getting what I want put me in this life? And, would this really allow me to be happy?

What is important to me? Self Awareness is important, without out I really can’t function, make wise decisions or be true to what I want. What makes me happiest? When I can be me, when I can be present and when I am heard. What would it look like to have all that I wanted? It would look like a clear, crisp reflection of me smiling, feeling fully satisfied being my true, authentic, broken, messy self. Being okay with all of that. How much effort do I need to put into what I want? How much do I want what I want?

The road to happiness lies in two simple principles: find what it is that interests you and that you can do well, and when you find it put your whole soul into it-every bit of energy and ambition and natural ability you have.” ~ John D. Rockefeller III

Living my Life on My Terms.

What does that mean? It means I choose me, it means I am important and I have value. I will still speak my truth, but perhaps louder than a whisper. Taking steps to make me happy, baby steps, but my steps non the less I will not let others talk down to me, nor will I speak down to me. I matter, I exist, I am love, and I deserve to be loved I deserve peace and serenity I shall learn my lessons, and still walk tall I matter. I have value. No one does me better. Believe me, I have tried to be what others want and I can only be me. -Barbara Hunter

So what do you deserve? What will make you happy? What will keep you in the ‘game’? How do you live life on your terms? Most importantly, what does your Reflection show you?




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