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Family Rules

Originally published April 9, 2020

I’m not sure what day it is in isolation, but every day I walk past my Family Rules board and usually only one rule catches my attention. Today as I walked past for the 3rd or 4th time, I stopped. Looking at this reminds me that my family are spread out right now but my friends, extended family and tribe are also my ‘family’.

As we wake up each day in this new reality, we all wake up to the same world. A place where there is chaos, confusion, sadness, despair and a feeling of helplessness. It occurs to me, many of us on this planet (Family) are waking up this way. However, the thought I have is that we also woke up today. We may have the challenge of what is happening around us, but we have the choice on how to be in this challenge.

Rule #1 DO Your Best Am I doing my best? Am I being the best person I can be in this world? Am I doing my part?

Rule# 2 BE Thankful and Rule# 9 BE Grateful I am thankful each day I wake up and am able to get around in my home. I am thankful when I get that text message or phone call from my boys. I am thankful that the sun is shining. I am grateful I get another chance to make the changes I need to make.

Rule#3 STAY Positive This might be a hard one, especially for those struggling. But if we keep with Rule#2, the positive mind set will set in. Practice, practice, practice. and keep with Rule#1, DO Your Best.

Rule#4 KEEP Your Promises Checking in with myself, am I keeping my promises of reaching out when I need to? Do I keep my promises to myself (to eat better, to go for that walk)? Back to Rule# 1 DO Your Best

Rule#5 TRY New Things What a great opportunity, right now, to do something different, to TRY something new. Make it fun, Rule#3 STAY Positive and Rule#2 BE Thankful.

Rule#6 TELL The Truth Always tell the truth, it is in telling the truth where ourselves really are. Be honest with yourself above all. Rule#1 DO Your Best.

Rule#7 BE Happy Being happy is a choice. We choose this, each and every day. People and situations don’t MAKE us happy or sad or angry. We choose this. Rule#1 DO Your Best, Rule#2 BE Thankful. What are you choosing?

Rule#8 LOVE Eachother How are you showing love for your family, your neighbor, your friends, yourself? It can be easier said than done, especially when we are struggling and challenged in our life right now. However, a little action, a kind word or a moment with someone can make that small change for not only ourselves but for others.

Rule#10 DREAM Big We are allowed to dream big, whenever we want to. Even now, Rule# 2 and #9 BE Thankful and BE Grateful. There are days when dreaming big can lead us in unrealistic ways. Today, Rule# 5 TRY New Things can apply to that way of thinking. I encourage you to try.

Rule# 11 SHOW Compassion I think this speaks volumes right now. We are all battling our own insecurities, fear and loss of what we’ve always known. Not only is compassion is needed for others, but for ourselves. Be grace, show love and compassion as we are all learning how to do things differently right now.

Be the beauty of what you love….be you!

Many blessings for a wonderful weekend.



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